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Down jacket is used to keep warm, but now the down jacket may be more the pursuit of fashion sense, down jacket warm and also should be stylish, Mummy Star Kids 2015 autumn and winter new clothing with warm and stylish down jacket style, Mummy Star Kids Whether boys or girls outfit, have been ready for you, and quickly take a look at it. Girls with long down jacket with long sections in the version of type can be very warm, but also with a good mix of light blue color is relatively fresh, take a knit sweater within the lower body with a pink slacks, pink this The color should be more sweet, with fresh blue, the color of the pants is not very patience it? Come quickly to dress up. Boys cotton with style, cotton clothing is also a long section of the version, two colors stitching style more resistant to color, simple, but the lower body with a very bright red wine, red wine is so glamorous, so deep autumn and winter seasons Fog, Mommy Star 2015 autumn and winter new warm down jacket with cotton, warm and stylish.

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