Ruby Ruby I want ruby!

Someone told me that in November, you have to pay for your heart, raise your spirits, and prepare for the double eleven to grab the discount! Hey, don’t you, what’s wrong with the double eleven, do you have to spend the day to spend the day? As long as I have ruby, I want to wear when I wear it; wear rubies, lay money and make money, I want to buy what I buy!


Wayward girl loves ruby

Red is the brand of cinnabar, and red is the dream in the palm of your hand. Red is like a bright red lips, red is like a shocking skirt, the wayward girl's favorite is always ruby. Yin Hong is like blood, burning like a fire, the real pigeon blood red like a woman of the best, will always be a cinnabar that will not fade away, bright and warm, chivalrous tenderness.

A woman wearing a pearl is elegant, a woman wearing an emerald is noble, and a woman wearing a ruby ​​has a beautiful temperature, and a enchanting person moves without losing her righteousness.

Where are some gems?

Where is the ruby? Can she earn money to support you? Can she make your family happy? Can she give you a cup of tea and a snack to make you live a ladylike life?

Who can't say it, the family has a red treasure, the better! You won't even know the benefits of ruby!

Because she is red!

Ruby red, indicating that her face value is high. Legend has it that a king of Arabia greets the distinguished guests of the Quartet in order to show everyone their collection of rubies. He took out his ruby ​​and wrapped it one layer after another. After opening, the whole room was illuminated by the ruby ​​treasure of Ruby, and the titanium eyes of the guests were flashed.

Among the rubies, the best color is the pigeon blood red, the pigeon blood red is not only pure color, but also magical effect. This red color, like blood, can promote blood circulation and heart function, and long-term wear can also ward off evil. The bright red color can protect the fate of the loved ones, and will not be broken up due to the changes, to protect the family's happiness and happiness.

Because she is expensive!

Buy a jewel, or buy a valuable one. Ruby is of high value, and her quality and appearance are worthy of an expensive price. Women love jewelry, what grades of women, what value jewelry, I am so unique, even worthy of the city, is it not worthy of the price of the ruby?

Rubies are not only expensive but also more expensive. Who said before that she can't make money to support her family? Ruby's annual increase is between 30% and 100%. One year, I will buy her money and earn it. My elbow knows which side to turn!

However, to buy ruby, we must look at her identity! If the naked eye does not recognize it, look at the "ID card" - the certificate of the gem. Buying such expensive gems, of course, you must look for genuine and internationally-recognized certificates. You must not buy rubies with unknown origins. Be careful to give you a "fairy jump". Use a fake certificate to fool you. The stone is also red. Plastic, red glass camouflaged, pit your money!

Because she is less!

Ruby is worth a lot and has a high face value. In fact, there is a reason behind it. She is not only beautiful but also rare. As the saying goes, the ruby ​​is not perfect, she has some small shortcomings, small flaws, but as long as it does not hide, it does not affect the value, but also shows that she is natural and uncomfortable.

Moreover, many people mistakenly believe that only the ruby ​​produced in Myanmar is the most perfect, but this is a misunderstanding. The hero does not ask for a birth. The pigeon blood produced in Mozambique is not inferior to the Myanmar mine. Don't entangle the origin.

Now one carat to two carats of ruby ​​is very rare, can receive as soon as possible! Rubies above 5 carats have reached the collection of treasures, and are rare in the market. If you have a chance, it is the fate of you and ruby.

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