Autumn outdoor style with coping with temperature difference between morning and evening

Ben Wang News, November 16, recently, because of too much temperature difference between morning and evening, pedestrians walking on the street has also opened the autumn fashion outfit mode. Although it has entered the autumn, the hot temperatures during the day are still not legged. For outdoor women, outdoor fall clothing becomes a must-have item for women. Here's a taste of this year's popular outdoor style.

Mixing of white shirts and knit vests, comfortable round neck shirts, slightly enlarged waist coats, sweet ambience, short knit vests, short sleeves, slouchy trousers and sneakers in autumn style Style.

秋季户外造型搭配 应付早晚温差

Concise white T-shirt + S line wearing knee-length skirt, slim H-line design sense, it seems very slender leg lines, outside the design of bright shirt tassels, loose version type, casual style, give a A comfortable and sophisticated fashion sense.

秋季户外造型搭配 应付早晚温差

Loose-fitting design denim shirt, the sleeve part is light blue and ivory stitching design, very concise version, with a white T-shirt and suede material sense skirt, the skirt has a long tassel detail highlights design, display Stylish and casual autumn fashion.

秋季户外造型搭配 应付早晚温差

Nostalgic style long shirt, plaid design, very simple, loose version, both sides of the fork design, with white T-shirt and nostalgic trousers jeans, half-waist design, trouser legs rolled up, and then marked Head high heels, quite a mix of fan children.

秋季户外造型搭配 应付早晚温差

The cute Mickey dot cardigan, soft touch, warmth is very good, with casual white T and slim leggings pants, the hem is very simple cut, it looks very slender legs, wearing a beret, Highlights playful and cute charm.

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