Excerpt from the catalogue of foreign lighting publications

Chinese Lighting Appliances Foreign Lighting Publications Catalogue Excerpts Jiang Yi Translated Tropical 昼 Illumination and Variability Challenges SChirarattananon et al (P3~10) 昼 Illumination and Radiation Distribution: Bahrain, Israel, Japan and Europe Data Comparison TMuneer et al (P11~18 Diffuse daylight attenuation caused by glass window dust deposition in tropical urban environment MBUllah et al (P19~30) Hong Kong's dawn lighting: potential and problem TMChung (39~42) long-term model of office lighting control application TMooie et al (43~56) ) The development of four-bedroom residential space in Singapore, MBUllah et al (91~100), the development of Shuguang Lighting on the campus. WeiWu (P111~126) Hong Kong high-density residential building lighting design and adjustment study ENg (P127~140) achromatic vision operation Spectral energy distribution PRBoyce et al (141~156) new HID lamp electronic ballast T. Parabolic mirror type irradiator illuminance distribution N. Ikemoto et al (P8~15) standard luminescence luminescence distribution model N.Lgawa (P16~26) New standard for road lighting: average visibility level consistency. O. Guler et al. (P39~46) 1 visibility change of main facade of building under floodlight a illumination: ttomc lighting Zhi (Japan) 2003, Vol is a cold cathode fluorescent lamp technology for liquid crystal display. Naokimanabe (15~19) liquid crystal display background illumination lighting circuit IkuyaNomoto (P20~23) Comparative study of the effects of various fluorescent lamps on the fading of natural pigment dyeing fabrics M.Shimodori et al (P85~89) illuminance characteristics and shadow characteristics of working surface in working illumination environment A. Uchida et al (P90~97) progress of internal and external electrode type xenon discharge tubes H. Noguchi et al (P98~104) virtual The effectiveness of the luminosity distribution method for estimating the ambient brightness Y.Ogiuchi et al. (P105~112) used the photoelectric simple solar pyrometer to measure the insolation intensity. J. Tamura et al. (P113~118) The bactericidal effect of germicidal lamps on water Y.Yamanaka et al. (P119~127) Study on the color rendering effect of nighttime urban landscape lighting Y.Nakasima et al. (P128~132) The architectural lighting that produces visual images Yoshie Oyama et al. (P188~191) Its development direction Toshiro Ohmuro (192~196) Lighting Society (Japan) 2003, Vol87No4 future light source

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