Cotton jacket with Sen Department of Women's brand

The arrival of autumn and winter, so that we clearly felt a little cool, but this little bit of cool will be until the cold? This is a necessary road, these are not the key, the coming or coming, but the stylish style is to be prepared, what style is popular autumn and winter 2015? Let's tell you purely .

纯粹 - simtly

Purely women 's style is based on cotton-based styles, and now the style of cotton and linen is popular with the public, more and more girls slowly accept such a style, and thus like it. The overall fabric is cotton and linen looks very comfortable, and the color of cotton and linen will not be very bright, are a sense of low-key, but it is very literary to wear.

棉麻外套搭配 森系女装品牌

Not lukewarm, but wearing a jacket will feel hot, do not wear cold, which is also a more embarrassing thing, but cotton fabric style will make you not so embarrassed, a cotton-linen shirt style with Cotton wide leg pants, cotton hemp itself is a very breathable fabric, wear long sleeves dress early autumn definitely not very hot.

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