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If you want to ask how red is popular this year, then it is worth mentioning from 2015 Met Ball "Mirror Moon: China", the hot red with the strong "Chinese memory" quickly spread internationally. Followed by the Fashion Week, celebrity bloggers have put on a seductive red single product, the trend of the more violent blow, the red grand sense of type because of people's interpretation has become more routine. Not only that, in the autumn and winter, love, rich, hot, deep into the beautiful red, an instant drive away the cold will bring us into a warm atmosphere.


The vitality and enthusiasm brought by red is different from the bright and pleasing single black and white gray, add a different kind of light to the winter wardrobe!

Red skirts playful charming; red dress stylish steal the spotlight. So elegant and handsome co-exist in the red single product, is definitely the best costume holiday season at the end of the year. However, as the most difficult period of the year than the United States to dress up, you want to perfect the win over the cold, of course, have to have some fashionable dress clothing line! When the classic red encounter fashion cut, will produce what kind of wonderful effect? In the JZLAER red series, let us deeply feel the shocking charm of red.

珈姿莱尔中国红服装搭配 红色单品搭配

Red dress: 54JA5317

珈姿莱尔中国红服装搭配 红色单品搭配

Red dress: 54JA5318

珈姿莱尔中国红服装搭配 红色单品搭配

Attending Party, the party may wish to choose Jia Zi Lier JZLAER red dress, the most red lining is the most dazzling lining of the product, but also distributed powerful yet elegant charm; fast one step is always the fashion favorite darling coup , Follow the steps of Jia Zi Laier JZLAER, decorate your shiny winter with red!

New products are from Jia Zi Lyle winter new, more new welcome to the National Jia Zi Lyle counter selection!

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