tofancy winter main push orange red so that the winter is no longer cold

Hangzhou Yali Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 in Hangzhou, China. Business-led women's brand "tofancy." _tofancy brand Hangzhou Yali Garments Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong's top design team to create a personalized women's brand, _tofancy to explore the depth of Chinese women's image and lifestyle as the focus to design avant-garde, elegant fabrics, unique technology won the Chinese women Respected, and to rigorous, perfect and efficient marketing structure and service support system to create China's outstanding women's brand. 2012 autumn and winter tofancy introduced a variety of orange-red jacket, so that the winter is no longer cold!


Sweater has always been the representative of casual Fan, orange sweater is more of a sunshine and elegance, the classic five-pointed star printing fashion more Fan.

tofancy冬季主推橘红色 让冬季不再寒冷

Wool jacket is an indispensable winter warm products, A-type outline simple atmosphere, with khaki scarf elegant fashion.

tofancy冬季主推橘红色 让冬季不再寒冷

Large lace bud collar elegant and sweet design, while the wool and coarse knit stitching is more personalized fashion, dark button placket will be minimalist and the atmosphere to play most vividly.

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