Stroll along the streets of Paris with the "Lycabettus" and enjoy the luxury and leisurely journey

Like Woody Allen's movie "Paris Midnight Widnight in Paris," we indulge in a charming and romantic atmosphere in Paris, Hemingway once wrote: "If you're lucky enough to be in Paris when young, then Paris will always follow You, because Paris is a floating feast ", the literati poet gathered here, with a pen depicting the glitz of Paris in the 21st century, fashion like charming glamorous young woman graceful side.


Elegant, confident, feminine, rate, gorgeous, feminine style show In the ever-changing costumes wear, Leica Buddha lead the fashion trend of women for many years, with keen sense of fashion play fashion inspiration, create countless classic high fashion. Based on the best materials of Europe and Japan, we will give full play to the fashion taste of unique tastes. We will create pieces that are close to the exquisite works of women. With exquisite and elaborate exquisite workmanship, we will give women the most confident and trendy dress to capture the ever-changing fashion trend. Change the rich design concept.

与“萊卡佛”一同漫步巴黎街头  尽情享受奢华悠闲旅程

Paris fashion like charming giants graceful graceful side, just because in Paris, no matter where it is, with the unforgettable pleasure, along with the Leica Buddha marching in the romantic pace, walking in the streets of Paris, Hershey Xie, enjoy Enjoy this luxurious leisurely journey.

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