Seven kiss: to capture the latest elements of the international trend to lead the domestic women's trend


Emotional career women in all major occupations, no longer only monotonous black suit skirts, seven kiss women pushed cotton and bright cotton business wear series, so long in the workplace and love the fashion of white-collar workers who see the dawn. Fusion of many new fashion elements, to boring white-collar family into a plume of color and freshness.

七吻:捕捉国际最新潮流元素  引领国内女装潮流

The pursuit of fashion rich women always choose to fashion taste good at no expense, seven kiss costumes grid, windbreaker and other series is the first choice for fashion upstairs, integration of the latest global fashion elements, whether it is usually shopping or party, the city Let you become the focus of everyone's attention.

七吻:捕捉国际最新潮流元素  引领国内女装潮流

In the early days of the Chinese lantern, bright stars such as stars are night lovers' favorite time. They always wear ornate or wild clothing on various occasions. They refuse to be ordinary and subtle, and they are publicizing their presence with high profile. Seven-leopard dress Leopard series, printed denim series exaggerated gorgeous pattern, highlighting the unique personality, deep night elves of all ages.

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