Anhui cotton purchase price dropped slightly

After the Anqing area in Anhui Province ended 5 days of continuous rain on November 10th, fine to cloudy weather continued for 5 days today, and the maximum temperature rose to above 20 degrees. Most of the cotton fields in the cotton fields are open to the top, and cotton fields in the hilly areas are already plucked. Although cotton seed sales fell all the way and sales of lint were deserted, the purchase price of seed cotton in the region only fell by a few cents. It was only slightly adjusted back from 4.20 to 4.20, and there was no sharp decline. The main reason is that the size of the cotton enterprises to determine the current acquisition situation: (A) There are more than 400 large-scale cotton enterprises in Anqing more than a dozen in 2011 to participate in the deposit, there must be price competition between each other. If any plant takes the lead in downgrading the seed cotton purchase price, the acquisition volume will naturally be affected; and now the profit for the acquisition of the purchase will be much better than that of the previous acquisition, compared with the “losing income” situation faced by the current small factory. It is one in the sky and one in the water. In addition, the purchase price of seed cotton in the surrounding areas is also quite high, and the price drop is too low and it is bound to cause the outflow of seed cotton. Therefore, the big factory purchase price is basically 4.18 yuan / kg up and down, high 4.20 yuan / kg, low 4.15 yuan / kg. According to a 400 cotton company, his factory purchase price has been lower than 4.20 yuan/kg, but it can receive 200,000 to 300,000 kg per day. (b) There is a large plant seed cotton purchase price as the leading factor, and it is impossible for small plants to lower prices too much. The small factories that are still adhering to the acquisition have already changed their business ideas and become sales. They think that if you want to stock up and leave good cotton, the quality of seed cotton now collected is still good. After another 2 weeks, the quality of seed cotton will definitely fall back. Besides, there is a national reserve price, and the price will continue to fall. It is unlikely that the price will continue to fall. The factory is a few cents cheaper to buy, but the acquisition volume is significantly less than that of the big factory.

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