Man Lu card women joined the top ten reasons to explain the advantages of joining

Man Luka Women is a brand owned by Haitian International Garments. The products are targeted at new women aged 18-35. They reflect the beautiful connotation of fashion and beauty with the times and advocate modern women's pursuit of a romantic, independent, positive and healthy lifestyle.


Man Luka draws on the essence of Korean fashion design and innovation, highlighting the personality, the most cutting-edge charm elements spread to each consumer who timely and accurately capture the market's most popular trends, the first time into the Man Lu card clothing. In other words, others are thinking, we are already done. Others are doing, we have been hot in the sale.

蔓露卡女装加盟 十大理由诠释加盟优势

The company has a modern professional production base, first-class design concept. Products with its unique style, high-grade fabric, fine workmanship, simple style, wearing comfortable features, highlighting distinguished, personalized, elegant, generous, by the modern women's chasing stick. If you like to reveal the card clothing or want to join the brand, women card to join the top ten reasons to join you to explain the advantages of joining.

Ten reasons to join

1. Style enough "more": each quarter has 300 fashion styles for you to choose from;

2, the style is enough "all": only you can not think, did not buy in the card shop;

3, update enough "fast": every day there are two to three new for consumers to choose;

4, enough profit "abundance": a very lucrative profit margins;

5, enough service "excellent": 24-hour customer service hotline, waiting for your call. Urgent urgently, think of what you think;

6, support enough "big": every year a huge amount of advertising investment is not vague;

7, live enough "frequency": each holiday will be introduced several low-priced products for your promotion, enhance the popularity of shops, driving sales;

8, quality enough "good": so that consumers use Man Lu card products without complaint;

9, the threshold is low enough: the real exemption from initial fee;

10, supply discount enough "low": meager profit era, Man Lu card clothing, value for money.

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