Levi's Lee Ritz cowboy set up a "summer hotline" much customer favorite

In Hong Kong's already saturated jeans market, Levi's needs to reconnect with its target audience and inspire their passion for the brand, to re-establish Levi's iconic position in the jeans market. How to communicate with customers? Levi's has set up the Summer Hotline, which allows Levi's to engage in lively and engaging interactions with customers by setting up a dedicated open interactive booth on Levi's storefront or even in the avenue. This form allows the listener to escape from the comfort of usual space and enter the telephone booth as a novel and exciting place. The two hottest radio show hosts in Hong Kong presented a variety of difficult issues to event participants through real-time video interaction, and all of these participants had to find ways to meet the challenge. The launch of the Summer Hotline was extremely welcome, with about 500,000 people participating in the interactive program in the phone booth in three days. Thousands of people uploaded images, posted comments and disseminated news about the event through various channels. Levi's has harvested hundreds of "likes", discussions and positive feedback online. The Hotline for Summer allowed Levi's to increase its sales by 30% in a week without spending a fortune on advertising. Comments: "word of mouth marketing" is not "online marketing" patent, the most original "word of mouth marketing" is actually happening online, Levi's "word of mouth marketing" scene back to the offline, and detonated online.

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