Umisky beautiful world sixth "successful boss" Cup clothing show contest launched the event logo

Since 2010, the "Successful Boss" Cup clothing show contest twice a year, each time nearly ten brands showcasing the theme of the new season, bringing a visual feast. After several sessions of precipitation and accumulation, the operation of the competition gradually matures. This time the official launch of the event logo, integration of visual elements, the costume show contest to a new height.


The whole logo starts with the meaning of "successful boss", and people who work hard have been on the road with a gradual diagonal line representing the T station and the road to success. The curved S shape is derived from successful English initials, Slash and curve loop combination, means that people walking on the road to success, continuous efforts, to exert unlimited potential. The combination of new logo and number, clear, clear, easy to spread and identify.

It is reported that the new logo will be subsequently applied to a variety of magazines and venue layout, a variety of practical effects, please stay tuned!

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