Europe's top children's clothing Karl Fett Dress up children's world of butterflies

Dress is a beautiful, simple, easy to mix, diversified, emphasizing the clothing is the body and mood decoration, to meet the comforts of the heart. "Carfit, emphasizing that wearing is a creation, is a mood that is rich and colorful life Way, is innumerable novelty imagination, is a moving and kind childhood story. "Carl", a romantic name, just as its products, bring much joy to the children, is to dress up the world of children The butterfly flower! Karl Fett, from Europe's top children's clothing brand series. In economically developed regions children's personality distinct, self-affirmation, appreciation of diversity and mental health as the tone of creation .French brand designers as design director, with domestic and foreign famous Designers of professional design team has formed the spring and autumn, winter, summer three series of different geographical styles of children's clothing community. 卡尔菲特 great originality, with particular emphasis on childrens innocence, beautiful, romantic and fairy tale of the quality, unique in the industry.

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