Xingyao Greentown - Happy 2013 Spring and summer trend show and star happy will come to a successful conclusion

September 12, 2012, "Xingyao Greentown - Happy 2013 Spring and Summer Trendy Fashion Show and Star Happy" was held in Zhengzhou Zhengfei International Hotel. Happy wolf hand in hand its brand ambassador 2010 "Happy Boys" the top three Li Wei, Liu Xin, martial arts and popular "Super Girl" Yang Lei, and business elites from all over the country, gathered in the beautiful and rich, has a long history of Zhongyuan Greentown Zhengzhou, witnessed the Xidelang brand another great pioneering. Marketing upgrade brand rose In the afternoon marketing conference, Xideng Wolf Holdings Limited Executive Director / CEO - Ding Peng Peng, made a speech on this meeting. He mentioned: "To build China's leading fashion brand leisure" is the long-term vision of the hi wolf. The trip to Zhengzhou, in addition to the "entertainment marketing model," a comprehensive upgrade and promotion, hi wolf also hope to take this activity, the brand's unique trend of leisure and cultural heritage, spread from Zhengzhou this piece of land out. Happy Wolf Holdings Limited Henan Province, the total distribution, Henan Feng Trading Co., Ltd. General Manager Guo Zhongxi, also mentioned in his speech: Henan team will closely follow the pace of the parent company to build Henan into Central China Strategic benchmark market. At the meeting, Joy Jet Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Yu Jin Jie Yu doing "marketing work report" when it comes to: the joy of the wolf nearly 20 years of development and accumulation, is continuing to inject a new passion and vitality Xidelang brand. The joy of the wolf in this twinkling of stars and the trend of flashing Zhengzhou, constantly emitting its own light, and will be in the Greater China market and overseas markets, creating their own brand new world. After the meeting, the organizer, "Joy Luck Holdings Limited," also specially arranged its spokesmen and guests and fans at the scene for an interactive. As soon as a few spokespersons appeared, they aroused a sensation on the scene. Li Wei's fashion cool handsome, Liu Xin's humorous, martial arts è…¼ è…† handsome, Yang Lei's pro-cute, so that every guest guests and fans can not wait to want to take a photo with them. Bright stars shine Greentown night, with the dynamic music sounded in the colorful lights, surrounded by fans, "Li Wei, Liu Xin, Wu Yi, Yang Lei," a few stars debut, it attracted Numerous fans scream and cheer. It is reported that fans from all parts of the country, have drove to Zhengzhou, to participate in this a happy star. Although it is the first time to Zhengzhou, but Yang Lei to a "Panda is coming," declared her arrival, dressed in elegant and generous skirts, let her fall even more sweet and elegant. As the second star of martial arts, martial arts started with a "sweetness" at the opening, deeply impressing the fans with presence. In the interactive session, he took the local dialect seriously with his fans. On the night of the performance, Liu Xin captured the hearts of all the fans at the scene with the words "Start" and "What to Say". At the same time, he also gave the fans a signed T-shirt on the stage and provoked numerous fans envy. Last star debut - Li Wei, then a "love at first sight" in the long-awaited debut. According to Li Wei himself introduced, this is his first visit to Zhengzhou, and the song "love at first sight" is a gift to all the vitamins in Zhengzhou. Another highlight of this party, is the joy of the Wolf Holdings Limited specifically for the audience arranged for different styles, young personality trend of the new show. "Malay style, the British wave, the passion of the whole country," the three series, in the wonderful interpretation of many models, this party added a unique landscape. Finally, several ambassadors at the same time stage, with a dynamic, representative of the joy of the wolf trend, leisure, personality brand MV - "trend of movement" as the finale for the "Starlight Green City - Summer Fashion Show and Star Happy "draw a successful conclusion.

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