High-heeled sandals in spring and summer wear elegant style

Bennett said on April 24th that Marilyn Monroe had stepped on high heels and said: "While I don't know who first invented it, all women should thank it." Indeed, little high heels let you distribute Elegant temperament, from the party on the party to the red carpet, which stars do not wear high heels? Whether it is formal or casual dress, and ultimately, a pair of high heels to set off your temperament.

Walking in the street, the warm sunshine, the breeze of the rituals tells us that summer is coming, and we urge us to prepare a pair of cool and fashionable sandals for this summer. But women's love index for high heels is never ending. Check out which pair of eye-catching high-heeled sandals are you most comfortable with?

Super beautiful fish mouth shoes, really have a temperament after the feet, bare feet wide belt buckle design

Super beautiful fish mouth shoes, after the feet really have temperament, bare feet wide belt buckle design, even if walking a long time will not feel so tired, after the waterproof platform, thick sense will stretch the legs straight, wear it It will appear long legs.

The super high-heeled Japanese high-heeled sandals are loved at the very first glance.

The ultra-high-heeled Japanese high-heeled sandals are loved at the first glance. The stiletto hits are very delicate. The T-band design and the bow tie are in love. Even the soles are special anti-wood fine lines. Very rare design paragraph.

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