How do companies survive in the age of social networking?

[China Glass Network] Enterprises do not adapt to the social survival of several symptoms:

● Use traditional marketing thinking to guide social marketing ● Pay attention to social networks and stare at traditional media. ● The humanity of the banner is actually neglecting online complaints. ● The surface of the interactive skin actually cleans the brain. ● The relationship is not in place. Overlord hard on the bow immediately cashed out ● Feeling the squatting than catching the customer's cattle ● Pushing the ROI of the social network to the marketing department when this microblog submission to @puting, after the end of the whimsy, is it possible to expand on this topic? List some cases? Because the social network is the G point of the wolf, when it comes to it, it becomes a voice, as if it is not vomiting, it will be uncomfortable. Puting said that you can try, so there is such an article.

Why do you pay special attention to the symptoms of unsuitable business? When I found out that I was talking with some companies, the main problem came from the conceptual conflicts between the social marketing era and the traditional marketing era, which led to social marketing or microblog marketing. The misunderstanding of the above, this is the basis of the problem. Chinese medicine said that the treatment of the standard is the first cure, and my local law steelmaking lists several major lesions in the marketing concept of the enterprise in the social era. Of course, the problem is far more than this, but these lesions that are trying to be exemplified are fundamentally different from the traditional marketing concept. They can be used to refer to and discuss some people who are interested in this topic. The following is an example of each item.

1. Use traditional marketing thinking to guide social marketing

When talking about the topic of social marketing with the boss or brand executive, it is usually very exciting, but when you get to the point, you run out of tune.

For example, when a brand leader of a large chain group came up, he announced aloud: We want to use Weibo as a new brand promotion channel! I suddenly got a big lap, why? Think about it, the supervisor is using traditional management media. The way of ruling information looks at the media and customers, and uses the unification of the mind to guide social marketing. The essence of traditional propaganda and marketing work is to use third-party media to do wholesale information, that is, to use a lower average unit price to obtain publicity exposure.

On a social network, people will unfollow the unwanted information, will black out, will generate complaints and even spread to your target customers with potential near-term demand, the traditional rude interrupted marketing methods can no longer produce results. If you just want to use social networking as a low-cost exposure, it may be difficult for traditional companies to do what they want. Very simple, who is willing to open Weibo is an irrelevant brush screen?

Therefore, social marketing is by no means a decomposition of the functions of the traditional marketing department. Sometimes it will even surpass the marketing department, directly integrate the internal and external resources of the enterprise, and carry out cross-border cooperation.

2. Pay attention to social networks and stare at traditional media.
The last time I talked to a group of friends about social networking, a boss added a faint sentence: We have done a microblog, and let XX newspapers and TV stations report it. Suddenly fainted, is the psychology of our business owners so fragile, the final result of the work is not their own assessment of the purpose but must be given to the traditional media for a proper name? In the end, it may be developed from the boss’s own subconscious mind. Or obey the habit of authority! Otherwise, how can you completely ignore the lifestyle and consumption behavior of your parents?

I really want to say to them loudly, now is the age of the Internet. Think about how much time your customers spend on newspapers and TVs, and report to them in addition to their own YY. If newspaper TV is so important, why do complaints come from the Internet? ?

After trying the online group purchase, the top three famous hotel groups in China are amazed: our service capacity is too low, and all the rooms are sold out in one day. The investment must be strengthened! In the Internet era, enterprises are not operating difficulties, but The level of responding to network business opportunities is too low, and there are a large number of unsuccessful customers on the Internet waiting for enterprises to cope and explore.

3. The humanized banner actually ignores online complaints.

Since the slogan of Nokia, the land of China has sprung up a large number of "XX people-oriented" companies. In short, all people-oriented, most of the company's humanized slogan is posted in a more conspicuous place, but it has not been implemented anywhere. One of the most puzzling in social marketing is the attitude towards online complaints. When it comes to online complaints, some thoughts are lingering. "These ordinary consumers are very troublesome and costly." "Online consumers are very rude." "Before you are in trouble, you can't talk about it." "I really can't find a public relations company." After the hardships, "He sent him to Weibo to ruin us with no good intentions."

I don't know who said it: "There is a need behind every complaint." Enterprises usually deal with these opportunities to improve themselves by dragging, burying, sluggish, and blocking.

On Weibo, the Luo Yonghao Siemens incident let the business owners talk about the tiger color change. If the company really wants to "sincerely face the audience", I don't believe that on the social network, it will make you feel like you have done something wrong. Fear of online complaints and "squatting to make money."

4. The surface of the interactive skin actually drys the brain

Some companies that love small and small companies have shown that social marketing is based on interaction with consumers, and they think of this “interaction” rather than “interaction”. It may be that the Chinese words are too broad and profound. If the interaction on the social network is understood as a strong instillation of an idea, then the consumer may not be regarded as a fool.

In the traditional marketing environment, consumers are divided and information is asymmetric; in the social marketing environment, consumers are easy to find relevance, and there is a huge amount of opinion on whether to distinguish between authenticity and falsehood. If there is no interest point, good relationship and mutual understanding, I am afraid that it will be difficult to impress people with superb brainwashing. For children's shoes with such illusions, they can only admit one: smart is wrong, smart, or self-sufficient.

5. If you don’t have a relationship, you want to overthrow the bow and immediately cash out

In order to expand business, a certain exhibition company found that Weibo is a place with rich contacts. It can find the target customers and decide to market on Weibo. However, the division's understanding of Weibo is still derived from the traditional one-way communication, the marketing thinking of the big fish. Their idea of ​​microblogging marketing is very simple, the content on the official blog is monotonous, just as a bulletin board for information. Launched the business and desperately searched for people on the Weibo who are constantly involved in the business, in an attempt to expand the visibility of the project and attract customers' attention. The effect is just the opposite. Their behavior has caused information harassment, being pulled into the blacklist by customers or even complaining.

This is why the effects of telemarketing and SMS marketing are getting worse and worse. They don’t listen to the signals sent by customers, participate in their topics, maintain continuous interaction, display useful and interesting information, and have no relationship with customers. If you are eager for quick success, you want to realise your customers. Often the marketing effect is negative.

In addition, blind pursuit of the number of fans is also a quick success. Is your fan a customer? If you are a luxury goods company, if a large number of fans have low income levels, it is easy to trap themselves and affect them. The perfect use of Weibo operators to attract fans of non-target customers is harmful to the enterprise.

6. Feeling smashing the head than catching the customer's cattle

In the wave of social networks, many companies come here, and they want to do something special, just like someone said that the peaches rolling down the mountain. However, most business owners do not consider the positioning of their products, brands, markets, and services. They must be called "Durees", "beautiful", "Wanke Fan Group" and other famous official blogs; "Closing love 33 days video" "KFC video" and other marketing cases. Because these cases cater to the concept of attention economy, people feel that marketing is a creative work that can not be met, and it is easier to prove the performance of the marketing department within the traditional framework.

However, the law of social networks is exactly the opposite. This is not to deny the value of mass communication, but to cost-effectively, rather than spending a lot of money on the layout, it is better to interact directly with consumers who can really save money. There was no such channel before, but now social networks offer this possibility, and the life cycle of large events in social networks is only about two days, and the extra large ones are only a week or so. The short-term explosion effect is just a drain on your resources.

7. Push the ROI of the social network to the marketing department.

It is inevitable to talk about ROI with companies in the investment of social networks, and then who is responsible for the ROI, the simpler logic is who operates and who bears, so if you want to invest in social networks, ROI becomes the responsibility of the marketing department.

Indeed, in traditional marketing, marketing and product sales are usually two departments, each with skills and different performance standards. In the social marketing environment, the judgments from consumers are more accurate, the feedback is more direct, and the operation is faster. Therefore, more demands are needed for compound talents. When consumer demand is fed back to the enterprise, it should be satisfied immediately, rather than through the layer. At the layer, the enthusiasm of consumers has long since disappeared.

On social networks, the boundaries between product sales and marketing have become blurred. They cannot distinguish talents by not knowing how to sell or knowing the market. They can only distinguish between assessments by not knowing the network or knowing consumers. So the restructuring of the department and the adjustment of the business model are also about to happen.

Summarize my point:

To enter social marketing, you have to transform traditional marketing concepts and learn to use social networks to communicate directly with consumers.

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