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Itty-bitty is a leading brand in domestic baby puzzle cloth velvet toys. "Itty-bitty" Chinese "Issima Beatty" trademark is registered in more than 30 countries and regions in the world The company was founded in 2002, the products are sold in the domestic market, but also exported to Europe and the United States. All products pass ASTMF-963 (USA), EN71 (European Union), GB6675-2003 (China) Puzzle toys products have the following characteristics: 1, safe, soft, comfortable, warm, breathable; 2, fresh colors, distinct patterns, significantly stimulate the baby's sensory development; 3, according to different age groups of baby's physiological and behavioral characteristics, Original four-phase puzzle / educational toy system. Stage 4 Educational Toy System Stage 1: 0m + Perceived Senses (0 Months or More) Stage 2: 3m + Exploration Stage (3 months or more) Stage 3: 6m + Interactive Games (6 months or more) Fourth stage: 12m + thinking and interpersonal development (12 months or more) c) The relevant safety knowledge of Issy Beatty Baby Puzzle Cloth Toys 1. Skin personal touch safety: Excellent touch, soft, comfortable, warm, Breathable; 2, body bump safety: soft material on the baby's body will not cause harm to the collision; 3, mouth bite, suck, containing safety: absolutely non-toxic and environmentally friendly fabrics and pigments to ensure that will not cause harm to the baby ; 4, nose breathing, sniffing safety: cloth velvet production, to avoid the smell of plastic products; nor easy to get dust, flying plush plush; 5, ear hearing safety: no noise, only a soft voice, sound Less than 65dB, to protect the baby's hearing from damage; 6, the visual safety of the eye: no reflective, will not have any damage to the baby's eyes. D) Ishibidhi velvet toy products cleaning toys cleaning method Surface cleaning, hand cleaning the surface completely clean: you can use the washing machine or hand wash Note washing machine: transferred to the most gentle laundry state, washing time within 30 minutes Is appropriate; liquid detergent: the best choice for baby laundry detergent, followed by the lower alkaline detergent, so as not to toy the fiber hardens; Softener: You can add a small amount of fabric softener to restore fiber flexibility. Wash after finishing, flat, dry naturally; avoid hangs, because the toy after wet water may cause deformation; avoid using hot air dryer hair dryer. Description: Cloth / plush toys should be regularly cleaned to reduce bacterial growth and so on

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