"Duke Ke children's house", debut creation Utopia

The annual Shenzhen Creative Arts Festival has not yet opened, and many eye-catching creative works have been gradually unveiled.In the creation of Utopia Parker Billboard entries, "Duke Keer House" creative comic stand out by the Baoan Daily The set of "Duke Ke Er House" is based on his beduidu company brand story comic characters, the comic company logo snail as the creative element, the snail shell on behalf of the house, is the home Carrier. Reflects a snail love each other, pay attention to family expression for the happiness of thousands of families, it is the vision of a beggar children loaded both creative and full of warmth, which is f518 panel of "beep Duke Ke children's house. "Believe that with everyone's support," Duke Ke children's house "will be able to achieve good results in this creative contest, let's wait and see.

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