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CRZ, a advocate of "A Different View! Different answers!" Light tide card CRZ Lynx shop First, the brand advantage 1, the major shopping malls have a physical store, brand awareness, customer experience is good; 2, original design brand , Design style, unique and sophisticated production technology 3, mature brand market management system, and a vast market space Second, the brand introduced In 2007, Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd. broadcast day investment Guangzhou Teng Yi Clothing Co., Ltd, "A Different View! Different answers! "Brand core concept, to create tide brand - CRZ, with international design and creative team, high-quality terminal management system, in July 2008 to enter the domestic market. As the mainstream brand in China's trendy apparel, CRZ has been targeting the creation of a tide brand in the international arena and invites Japan's leading fashion designers as design consultants. CRZ clothing with exaggerated profile design, unique cutting process, the color of personality and comfortable soft fabrics, through the clothing design to express the modern young people play in the lively world of self-style, create topics, always on the mainstream Common sense to maintain the tide of challenging and pursuing your own answers. Third, the advantages of joining 1, a generation of fat, zero cost, high profit, zero inventory risk 2, shop decoration, marketing planning support 3, from time to time activities, specials 4, tide culture training, training opportunities Taobao University 4, to join Requested recruits: market shops, Lynx franchise stores credibility requirements: a shop more than 1 diamond drill, 90% physical transactions, to join the consumer protection Main categories: clothing shoes bags or underwear categories Online time: at least 10 hours a day Wangwang online expertise: understanding of shop decoration, operation, customer service, clothing industry is familiar with the management policies: strict compliance with the company to develop various management policies, commitment 100% does not violate the five, join the process six, contact information Contact: Mr. Wang Want: crz flagship store: distribution management

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