Bear Bell children's clothing successfully subvert the traditional multi-channel children's clothing market!

Bear Bell children's clothing successfully subvert the traditional multi-channel children's clothing market! Early summer time, vitality bloom, the children in this summer is even more active extraordinary summer 2013 bear Bell children's summer hot listing, gorgeous colors at this time debut! Let the baby no matter in the beach, the streets or the bustling city, can convey the vitality of the atmosphere. 2013 Children's wear market is unusually hot, the major brands first to seize the 2013 summer children's wear market, Bear Bell children's clothing in today's children's wear market based on the operating characteristics and consumer characteristics, the introduction of a strong market penetration and terminal profitability mode of operation, successfully subverted Traditional children's clothing market, multi-channel, multi-link layers of exploitation, has changed the long-term capital control of children's clothing market, the pattern of revolution for the majority of the chain opened the children's clothing market a strong wealth of space. Owing to its strong talent resources, Guangzhou Factory Clothing Co., Ltd. utilizes its own advantages to independently develop the design, development, production, sales, brand promotion, import and export of children's wear products and establish strategic cooperation with many well-known enterprises. "Xiong Bell "Since the launch of the market, it has taken the design as the soul, actively implemented the brand strategy, guided by the market and maintained the momentum of sustained, rapid and healthy development. It has formed an excellent brand culture and business philosophy in a short period of time and created extraordinary Performance. Bear Bell children's clothing adhere to the humane, artistic design philosophy, is committed to creating a leading domestic children's wear products, praised by the majority of parents. Bear Bear children's wear investment company, the company supports the entire process of guidance, and bear Bell children's business use the current phase of the most profitable franchise business model, in order to better service, to support the successful operation of franchise stores, reduce intermediate circulation and reduce operating costs to Guarantee to maximize the benefit of "Bear Bear" operators.

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