Sissi Qian bring you know the structure of underwear

Women wear underwear, but how much do you know about underwear? What are those underwear components? And these parts have those effects? These knowledge women are necessary to know, and only have a deep understanding of underwear in order to better treat underwear, in order to allow yourself to wear comfortable and comfortable.


First, all parts of the bra structure and function

Bra, also known as bra, bra, is to protect the chest of women to maintain the ideal shape and height of the chest, while preventing breast enlargement, drooping, showing the most fitting curves of the chest of women clothing. It is composed of chicken heart, after than cup, shoulder strap four main parts

Chicken heart

Chicken heart, also known as the former center, heart bit, is connected to two small trapezoid cup. Excluding the top of the heart-bit width of the ring, usually controlled within 0.5 ~ 1cm. Because you want to narrow the distance between the two breasts to make it more focused, no longer greater than this number. Chicken heart height according to the requirements of style changes, there are two kinds of under the grilled and non-grilled, generally under the braised chicken heart than the Braised chicken heart about 1cm high. Heart position is also very important high position, high chicken heart bras are more conservative, the top of the chicken heart line exceeds the bust line, most of the cup style; the top of the chicken heart line below the bust line, is a low chicken bra, exposed cleavage is obvious . Therefore, the level of mind determines the bra wearing effect

After 2

After the ratio is also known as the pull after the film to elastic main stretch rack. The front side of the cup near the cup about 3cm usually open, plus a fixed front end of the shape of the yarn to the chest, open the site with plastic bone, so as not to wrinkle than after stretching, after the adjustment hook.

3. Cup

Bra cup is the main part of the bra, in addition to breast-inclusive, but also with features such as breast enhancement, breast augmentation, easy exercise.


Shoulder strap is connected before the cup and after the ratio of the independent production, there are changes in length and width. Modern underwear Waichuan a lot of conditions, so that more bra strap exposed outside the skirt, a design change of focus. In the material lace lace shoulder strap, transparent shoulder strap, rubber band shoulder straps, gauze straps, etc .; wearing time is divided into vertical, outer oblique and inner oblique three from the functional analysis, the vertical shoulder strap can breast Lift, to prevent sagging; outside the oblique busty breasts can be exposed on the outside, it is charming and sexy at the same time for the collar is very open coat, not easy to reveal the shoulder strap; The most full chest, like a cross-shoulder straps belong to the oblique shape.

Second, bra wearing points

(1) under the bust is close, whether the level of wear on the body.

(2) Before the chicken heart can not empty too much, should be able to accommodate a finger space.

(3) Cup edge is too tight, cup size is appropriate.

(4) Whether the ribs muscle is squeezed or out of the cup

(5) Whether the shoulder strap is suitable.

(6) Whether the back buckle is horizontally fixed under the shoulder blades.

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