PUUFI 普 扉 brand women reproduce black and white classic debut in 2013 Shenzhen Fashion Show

PUUFI Pu Fei brand women reproduce black and white classic debut 2013 Shenzhen show, PUUFI Pu Fei brand women is a Shenzhen Fashion Design Co., Ltd. under the women's brand , its brand culture from the French fashion capital of Paris fashion culture, overflowing With a strong Parisian fashion. The show, PUUFI Cape Fei women once again the classic black and white tone into everyone's attention, feel a different kind of classic reproduction.


PUUFI普扉品牌女装重现黑白经典 亮相2013深圳服装展

PUUFI Cape Fei women's brand of the title freeze in the fashion-oriented people who pay attention to high-grade demands, the leadership style in the workplace, the Queen style. Focus on the details of the design of clothing, looking for a breakthrough point of innovation, mainly black and white, which extremely stressed the curve of the character of the design concept and unique cutting process, the ultimate highlight of modern urban women curvaceous.

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