Identifying several market misunderstandings of jade

Jade has two kinds of "efficiency" in use and collection, and the focus is on how to identify market misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding 1: The older the emerald, the better

Mr. Qiu Zhili, director of the Institute of Jade and Jade Research and Appraisal at Sun Yat-sen University, said that many collectors pay attention to the collection of “ancient jade”, but the collection of jadeite does not have the distinction of “ancient” and “today”. Jadeite entered China in the Qing Dynasty, and at that time, because of the lack of jade raw materials and poor identification ability, the relatively long-lasting jade texture was relatively poor.

Misunderstanding 2: A cargo that does not change color

Some dyed jade can maintain vivid colors for 10 to 20 years. Some of the crimson or ochre jade may change color in a relatively short period of time, mainly because of changes in the chemical elements inside the jade.

Myth 3: Green jade is good

The emerald green jade is the top grade in the A jade, but not all jadeite is green. There is a jadeite that is exposed to iron and will form a bright "ç¿¡" color. Such jadeite is also very popular in the market if it has high transparency and good texture.

Myth 4: The more complicated the process, the better.

“Simple is beautiful”, many of the finest jadeites are often made into very simple bracelets or ring faces without carving; and some jadeites with impurities or cracks are often carved into adult objects or scenes by skilled craftsmen to cover up the insufficiency of nature.

Myth 5: The more green, the better

In the market, you will often see some green jadeites with bright colors and very even distribution. In fact, most of these jadeites are fakes. The interior of the jade is made up of granulated minerals, so its green color is locally distributed, and there is a limit between green and non-green.

Misunderstanding 6: The rarer the more valuable

Natural minerals sometimes form very special patterns. For example, some minerals are arranged in a shape similar to animals or landscapes. Some collectors often use this jade as a rare treasure to speculate. In fact, in addition to being rare, this jadeite must conform to the principles of aesthetics, and at the same time it must have a good condition to be truly "valued."

Misunderstanding 7: Paper Identification Technology

According to Cao, the director of the Guangdong Jewelry and Precious Metals Testing Center, the technology of jade optimization is changing with each passing day, and the knowledge in books tends to lag behind. If you buy B goods or fakes according to the identification method in the book, it may be because the market has invented new processing technology and has not yet been able to summarize and publish the book.

Identification tips:

*The thermal conductivity of jadeite is relatively poor, so it feels cooler when held by hand. If you hold it quickly, it may not be jade.

* Jadeite of the same quality, jadeite with a larger weight or volume will be worth more.

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