Ice Longwa children's clothing culture high-grade fashion sense of a new generation

"Childhood should know the fashion, to understand the aesthetic," care for children, to create a healthy, ice Longwa advocating a new way of children's clothing. In order to cultivate a high-grade fashion sense, high aesthetic, international, strong sense of artistic new generation and work hard! Products not only have the taste of fashion, but also with the international trend of synchronization, and is affordable from the noble. . Changes in the market environment, increasing competition. In the face of challenges and courage in challenging ourselves, while adhering to the fine tradition, we will break all kinds of shackles that are not suitable for development, change and innovate, and keep pace with the times.

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Our product collection is diversified, including garments, stoles, scarves, gloves, trimmings, capes, shawls, headwear, bags, hats and accessories. They are made of genuine fur, such as rabbit, rex rabbit, blue fox, white fox, red fox, kit fox, grey fox, cross fox, beaver, nutria, chinchilla, mink, sable, seal, lynx, leopard cat, raccoon, opossum, muskrat, coyote, lamb, chekiang lamb, Tibet lamb, kid lamb and shearing sheepskin etc. They are for ladies, men and children.

Lamb Skin Garments

Lamb Skin Garments,Shorn Lamb Skins Garments,Garments Lining Sheep Skin,Lamb Fur Skins

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