Aidi brand underwear weaving health Shu skin new experience

Aidi , China 's first brand of nursing underwear
As a "Personal Care Specialist," Aidi understands the needs of the body. Original underwear "A +" standard, the lingerie safety rating from the national requirements of the "B" rose to the standard of infants and young children, "A", and in conjunction with Aidi headquarters of the "Knitwear Engineering Research Center," from the new fabric development To the production process optimization, A blend of health, natural fiber, mild acid mild three leading indicators, weaving healthy skin new experience.


爱帝品牌内衣 织造健康舒肤新体验

A class of health
The highest national garment safety standards, excluding heavy metals and other harmful substances.
Unsafe underwear, like a full of formaldehyde, carcinogenic aromatic amines, and a variety of harmful heavy metals "poison library", so underwear must pass the national "GBl8401-2003" mandatory standards. This standard classifies apparel safety into three categories A, B and C, which stipulates that category A is for infants and toddlers; category B is for direct contact with the skin; category C is for non-direct contact with the skin. General underwear to Class B can, but Aidi "A +" underwear must pass the harsh Class A test.
Natural fiber
Material movement, plant all-natural fiber, comfortable and breathable.
Modal made from European beech, cashmere made from alpine goat, Tencel, refined from 100% Eucalyptus wood pulp, bamboo fiber from the finest natural bamboo
Weak acid mild
PH value of 5.5, consistent with the body surface pH, does not irritate the skin.
Human skin surface has a layer of weak acid protective film, if the weak acid weakening of the protective film, the skin will appear dry, rough and other issues. Aidi "A +" underwear, a unique fabric weak acid processing technology, so that clothing also has PH5.5 weak acid environment.

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