The 400,000 yuan bronze ware is actually the best identification of the handicraftspeople "Taobao"

When the collection became an investment, it was adulterated with “false or false.” A few days ago, many citizens dialed the newspaper's 3.15 rights hotline to reflect the true and false truths they encountered when buying and selling antiques. Difficult to distinguish. On the 13th, the reporter interviewed Vice President Li Jun of the Linyi City Collection Association of Shandong Province to show you how deep the water in the antiques line is.

I think the old silver dollar is actually a new silver dollar.

On March 12th, Mr. Zhang from Linyi City, Shandong Province, came to Linyi City Collection Association with a dozen of old Silver Dollars exchanged for his purchase. He hoped that Vice President Li Jun would give value to the identification.

According to Mr. Zhang’s introduction, on the morning of the 9th, when he wandered around an antique store in Linyi City, he saw the silver coins sold there look old and felt “should be years old”. Listening to the ear, this silver dollar also made a sound and also confirmed that it was true. The shop owner also said that these silver coins are old things.

When it comes to the price, the shop owner stated that for each piece of 270 yuan, Mr. Zhang remembered that the old silver dollar in other antique shops had more than 500 yuan, and he felt that he was getting cheaper. He immediately bought ten pieces and took these baby pieces. It hurriedly left.

Li Jun looked at these silver coins and said: “This is not an old thing. It is new. Although it is also a silver dollar, it should be made now. You did not miss it.” According to Li Jun’s analysis, the owner of the antique shop is A typical "concoction", he can not not know the market, each new silver dollar worth about 200 yuan, and each old silver dollar can indeed sell more than 500 yuan. The shop owner pretends not to know the market, and the silver dollar has done a lot like the old silver dollar, selling 270 yuan. Some people who don't understand truth and falseness think that the fault is missing. The result is actually the owner must earn 70 yuan more.

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